Seaplane Pilots Association Australia

Seaplane Pilots Association of Australia

The Seaplane Pilots Association of Australia (SPAA) is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers whose primary mission is to provide a national representative body for its members (and all other interested stake holders) a source of support, information and communication that positively promotes seaplane operations.

A SeaRey from above 

Seaplane over Sydney

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To keep our waterways free from unnecessary restrictions that prevent seaplane operations, we must maintain vigilance against sudden bureaucratic edicts and policy changes that sometimes happen within national parks and waterways authorities. You can make a donation to the SPAA to help us continue our support and advocacy for seaplane operations throughout  Australia by clicking here:

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If you'd like to be advised of the latest developments, including notice of events of public interest, and get information describing many aspects of seaplane operations, including safety, environmental and noise

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Lake Renegade flying boat

Gumman G164 Agcat getting on the step

Seaplane 'Code of Operation'

Click here to download the SPAA's specially developed Seaplane Code of Operation

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